Hire the services of an experienced landscape gardener like LES JARDINS PHENIX to create the garden of your dreams in Terrebonne, Quebec.

From your the initial ideas to the realization

Let us create your perfect garden. Tell us your ideas, we will carefully perform a feasibility study of your project. For a tailor-made creation, we take into account your personal choices of style and atmosphere, lifestyle and budget. We also provide design solutions that account for the architecture of your house, space constraints, exposure, nature of the soil, accessibility, etc.

« We design your garden according to your desires » 



Landscaping work

As a landscape architect, we strive to harmonize your garden with the architectural style of your home. We choose the plants you like and combine them with the elements in place to make a harmonious whole: installation of paving stones and cobblestones, planting of trees, shrubs, perennials, etc., flower beds, etc.... We can also build your pergola, wooden terrace, water garden, pond, screen, waterfall... We help you create a well-structured, beautiful and relaxing space.

« For a harmonious whole » 

Our services:

  • Custom garden creation
  • Laying of paving stones
  • Planting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Construction of pergola
  • Construction of wooden terrace, gazebo, wooden railing
  • Water garden
  • Pond, screen, waterfall

Tell us about your project, we will carefully study it together.